Impact of Technology on the Online Gambling Industry in 2021

The iGaming industry wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for the technological advancements and innovations. It includes businesses that let their customers enter lotteries, play casino games, and bet on sports over the internet. For example, is an online platform that offers gaming services to its customers entirely online.

The gaming industry has been around for hundreds of years. However, without tech, it simply wouldn’t have been possible for people to enjoy and experience them from the comfort of their homes.

Estimates will differ, but there are some predictions that the iGaming industry will grow more than twofold its current size, with the industry touching the $100 billion mark globally by 2025.

Given below are some of the technologies that have changed the course of the online gambling industry.


Mobile Technology

Prior to 2007, only a handful must have heard of a smartphone. However, Apple changed that with the launch of its first-ever iPhone. And now, just a few years later, most adults have one of these portable supercomputers that they carry with them wherever they go.

Smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices have helped the online gambling industry, making it more convenient to play online games. You no longer have to sit in front of a screen for hours together in order to play games.

Mobile devices have also made it simpler to bet on sports. This can now be done in front of the TV or at the stadium, eliminating the need to visit a betting shop in person.


Video Stream Technology for Live Casinos

Conventional online casino games use computer graphics to present the results of the game to the participants. Additionally, roulette uses a computer-generated wheel, and online blackjack uses digital playing cards.

In any case, video streaming technology, similar to the technology that allows you to host Zoom meetings, has allowed people to play live casino games. These are different from other online gambling games as they use a real human as the dealer. The dealer is streamed to the player through a high-quality video feed.

In terms of sports betting, many online gambling companies have started using video streaming technology to allow their customers to watch sports events that they’re betting on from the sportsbook’s website. This makes it easier for people to watch and bet simultaneously.

Particularly useful for those who like to use bet-in-play features. This includes prop bet and “cash-out” options that allow bettors to cut losses or lock profits before the game ends.


Random Number Generators

Random number generators are just as important for online gambling services as computers and the internet. Without the number generators, the games would not function in an authentic and fair way.

In a physical casino, cards are put into a random sequence by shuffling them, while simple calculations make dice games and roulette fair. In the case of online casino games, random numbers need to be input into the computer code to display the cards in a specific order or for the roulette ball to fall in one of its slots.

PCs can’t usually generate random numbers as they use a set of instructions to do so. Rather, iGaming companies and organizations use random number generators to achieve this. These can operate in several ways, including listening to atmospheric static or firing photons at a semi-reflective material.

Irrespective of the system online casinos use, it allows them to make sure the games are fair to every participant.


Current Challenges in the EU iGaming Industry

The extraordinary growth experienced by the European online gambling industry has also brought a number of technological challenges along with it.

The iGaming industry is sophisticated and risk-averse. Obviously, there is a herd mentality in terms of advertisements, which is one of the major reasons behind the issue. To overcome this challenge, companies should focus on customer experience rather than just offering a few bets or a free spin.

Moreover, they should emphasize innovation in games — an acknowledgment that iGaming can be social rather than a solitary experience. Besides, the industry needs to overcome a number of major challenges in terms of different laws, taxes, and regulations that every country expects online gambling operators to abide by.


The Bottom Line

Technological advancements and innovations are changing people’s outlook towards the iGaming industry. The technologies that we have been introduced to so far will definitely have a significant impact on the way we entertain ourselves in the coming years.

So far, technology has brought interesting new experiences to everyone and has only made it better. With these crucial changes, it will be interesting to witness the new iGaming world filled with remarkable technological advancements.

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