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At the core of a CRM approach is the appreciation that customer life-time value can be optimised when deeper relationships are formed between carefully targeted customers and the respective business organisation.

Project Management – Old Dog, New Tricks.

Mention the word “project” and more often than not this will conjure up images of dismal failure and fiascos. The popular press just loves to expose the demise of major projects through overspending and late delivery. More often than not such stories chronicle serious inefficiency and mismanagement on the part of those responsible for the implementation of the project.

And How Can I Assist You Today, Sir?

What are Chatbots? How do they work? Discover how Facebook Messenger and Zendesk are using chatbots to help businesses enrich their customers’ journeys.

The Concealed Treasure Uncovered

The seemingly ever-present Arab in Black meant that those around it never questioned its significance. Similarly, corporate data in today so pervasive in our everyday business processes that few ever bother to question the true value of such data if exploited within a different or diverse context.

The Wall Of Bound

Strict corporate governance is often justified as necessary to protect valuable corporate data and prevent it from falling into the hands of the competition. However, this data is often electronically ‘locked’ away from the very stakeholders who have the potential to enrich, improve and augment its timely and profitable value.

The Power of Visualisation

It is the 19th October, 1812 and Napoleon’s Grande Armée is slowly retreating from the cold Moscow Winter; the prospect of sheer starvation, as well as the incessant and vicious raids from increasingly hostile Russian Cossacks, contribute towards the disastrous outcome to this ill-fated military campaign.

Business Intelligence: It’s about time!

“History,” according to the English singer-songwriter Sting, “will teach us nothing.” It is not an original judgment but one promoted by the German philosopher George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, who argued that history, as mere collective experience, teaches us nothing unless we analyse the past, observe and question events and be inclined to learn from outcomes.

The Loyalty Effect

You have just finished your regular shopping and approach the cashier to affect payment when you are asked the customary question, “Are you a member of our loyalty scheme? Do you have our loyalty card sir?”

From Leads to Opportunities towards Contacts

A successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation depends significantly upon a strategic, process-based, approach to the various activities related to marketing and sales of goods and/or services.

Social CRM – 5 Key Aspects to Consider

Thinking of embarking on a Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiative? Don’t! Or rather, don’t rush into another corporate project merely to keep up with the seemingly IT-savvy Joneses but plan your route cautiously if you seek success on this venture.

Here are five key aspects that you must always consider before implementing Social CRM.

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