Where is the world going?

Last i checked , definitely this part of the world was heading south! You pick up the papers, watch the news or read the Economist and you have to believe these are the “Last Days” , just short of economic Armageddon. Makes one wonder whether starting up a business with this kind of news for company is such a bright idea after all… Well people the good news is that iMovo has moved out of the “startup” neighbourhood… true one misses the romantic notions associated with that sort of term, but its good to be on terra firma. So what has brought us through the economic warzone in one piece?

Guess for those budding entrepreneurs out there , this must be the part which they want to hear about…

iMovo’s services and offerings are , without a doubt well suited for the climate we live in. Companies are talking about consolidating, creating efficiencies and really understanding where their strengths lie.  Well thats really what iMovo is really about – its about taking the data assets of those companies and doing alchemy with it… turning data into pure gold. With our strong knowledge in sales and marketing, our industry exposure to sectors like telco , iGaming, professional services , financial services and others – we’ve been concentrating on maximising the impact of relatively small investments in areas such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Discovery (BD/BI). Our innovative approach and a combination of these two strategies and technologies is helping organisations unlock knowledge which has lain dormant for a long time in their financial systems and other operational IT systems – which have been good at automating the tactical processes in organisations but have failed their owners abysmally when it comes to giving real strategic insight.

Our choice of partners has been another contributor to our success in the market – companies like Qlik which have brought innovation to their respective fields and have upset the status quo – have been key to our growth.

Finally, its all about our customers… its been about them from the start. This is where perhaps luck kicks in. Our customers come from a diverse range of sectors and have afforded us the insight into their business which has enriched us as a company – our customers are more like partners than just simply organisations which are paying us , mercenary style , to cut code for them. The fact that we’re operating internationally already is a fantastic opportunity to extend that experience in different cultural contexts.

We’re set for interesting times ahead and i’ll be reporting back on progress. So stay tuned!

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