AI-Human Collaboration: The Future of Customer Service Management

Customer service management is gradually evolving, moving from its traditional ways where a customer had to wait for a service representative to answer the same questions over and over again. This was tiring to even think of. But things are changing for the better, and the process is no longer this tedious.

Big Data is drastically changing the iGaming landscape

Big data is transforming a wide variety of industries, including iGaming, as it gives companies the opportunity to introduce significant changes to their services. Here are a handful of ways big data is changing the iGaming landscape.

Tips to get your business AI-ready 

AI has already infiltrated many areas of our lives. From manufacturing to healthcare, almost all major industries are using AI in some form or another. Researchers eulogize AI as the technology of the future. Many believe that the rapid adoption of AI will hold the key to improving customer satisfaction in the future.

The Growing Importance of AI in Banking

The next big change being anticipated in banking is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). There has been a lot of speculation regarding the merger of banking with AI technology. While some people are concerned about the potential of AI to cut down countless number of jobs, others are anticipating smarter and more secure banking with AI.

In the Age of Automation, it’s Never Been More Important to Be Human

If there is one thing that the rise of AI makes even more important is the human’s role in the conversation. As users get used to AI-driven support, the human element is critical when things turn sour. This frustration may, in future, become commonplace and reflect the greatest limitation chatbots have: a lack of empathy and an inherent lack of understanding. Companies should augment their customer support operation with chatbots to free up human customer support agents for more delicate and complex issues.

How AI is Changing the Retail Industry

AI is already changing the way businesses tap into their customer bases and it is already playing an active role in improving and enhancing various industries. Let’s have a look at how AI is changing (and has the potential to change) the retail industry.

AI in Future Workplaces

Artificial intelligence is the latest buzzword in corporate corridors. AI holds tremendous promise for both small and big businesses. It can help companies get answers to some of the most difficult questions that have been haunting them for years.

Artificial Intelligence can be a leap forward to organisations

All big businesses are shifting their focus to Artificial Intelligence (AI) now more than ever. For the people in decision-making capacities in a company, it is important first to know whether AI is their need of the hour. Almost every leap in technology these days is classified as AI. But not all technology is AI, and not all organizations are in need of implementing AI. An organization may be efficiently run by concentrating on automation while another organization may be benefiting from machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence is All Around Us

Studies show that the AI technology market will have a market share upwards of $60 billion by 2025 and global GDP could increase by $15.7 trillion by 2030, because of advancements in AI. But if you think that the age of AI is yet to come, think again. Artificial Intelligence is all around us. Already 61% of companies globally have adopted AI and this is changing the way business is done and how lives are led.

The Co-worker of Tomorrow – Why Customer Service Agents need AI and why it needs them

The classic case against automation is that it will replace our jobs, and this worry is no stranger to the realm of customer support. In a world where consumer expectation (especially amongst millennials) for quality customer service is rising at an exponential rate – businesses are striving to augment their customer experience through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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