Chatbot benefits your business cannot miss

Over the years, bots have grown and improved businesses. They provide proactive support and supercharge customer service experience. Chatbots represent the new generation in tech – no more waiting for the right time to incorporate them into your business. The time has come.

1. A bot gives your company a voice
Having a chatbot is a great opportunity to shape your brand image. Chatbots also let your company get creative. When building an intelligent bot from scratch, you have complete control over its conversation flow, tone, voice, name, image and persona.

2. Increase customer engagement
Customers value this speed and convenience, especially when approached during a time of need. Chatbots respond instantly and are capable of having conversations in real-time.

This instant contact is what helps drive more customer engagement on your website. Responsive chatbots that are loaded with website data can be of valuable help to your customers, from making recommendations to guiding visitors through your site. With advances in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, machines can understand queries and respond to them just as we do. It’s exactly what we do as humans and it’s opening up a whole new level of customer engagement.

3. Everything is instant for customers
They’re the fastest response channel when communicating with your customers. This pace can lead to time and cost savings for all parties involved.  A simple example of this is having a chatbot initiate a conversation with a customer who has made an online reservation. The bot can lead the customer to an online purchasing page and close the sale with a satisfied customer.

4. Relaxed conversations for customers
For a lot of people, talking to a chatbot may be easier than speaking with a customer service representative. Customers can skip the formalities when talking to a bot and use blunt responses. It might be considered rude in live chat, but it makes things easier for a bot that depends on keywords to perform well.

If you create a persona for your bot, try some humorous jokes into its script — if it suits your business image, of course.

Chatbots offer many benefits for businesses, saving them money while increasing sales and conversion rates. They are set to become more and more intelligent, leaving the future of chatbots looking very bright. For further information contact us for a consultation.

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