CRM-Based Lead Generation – Basic Tips 

If there’s one thing that all businesses want to know, it’s how they can generate more leads. However, generating leads isn’t an easy task. After all, consumer behaviour isn’t a constant. It changes from time to time, which means your lead generation tactics also need to change.  

You need to keep an eye on your lead capturing and tracking strategies to ensure that you are always ahead of the curve. One way to stay on top of everything is by adopting a CRM solution. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution can provide unique, personalized experiences that customers will truly appreciate.  

Here are a few basic tips on how you can leverage your CRM for better leads. 

Social networking 

One of the best ways to tap into a market is by connecting with consumers via social media networks. But, social networking isn’t limited to just responding to posts or queries. You need to make sure you are available to your customers.  

Your CRM system can help you do this by collecting information via its social media features. This information can help you create relevant content that addresses the needs and pain points of your customer base. Your CRM system does this by tracking the kind of content your customers prefer.  

Needless to say, this will draw more prospects towards your brand.  

Run a customised e-mail marketing campaign 

A key part of lead generation is lead nurturing. Even if you get a gazillion leads coming, you still need to nurture them in order for them to convert. Otherwise, those leads tend to feel neglected, which, in turn, causes them to lose interest. 

So, how do you nurture leads? 

Well, one way to do so is by targeting your leads with customized communications. You can send out personalized emails to each lead, but make sure you time the deliveries. Also, segregate your email list according to the type of leads you are targeting. Make sure there is a schedule to remind you about responding to their requests as well.  

Make the most of your CRM solution 

Lead generation is highly important for your business, especially if you’re looking to expand and grow. However, finding leads can be quite tough. This is exactly why it’s a wise idea to make the most of the technology available to you. In this case, it’s CRM. 

A good CRM program can help you track and monitor leads across multiple touch points. 

At iMovo we offer CRM solutions that help you understand your customers better through their personal preferences. If you are looking to implement or even upgrade your CRM solution, contact us today. With iMovo’s technical expertise, implementation will be smooth and seamless. We provide ongoing consultancy and training, tailored to your company’s needs. 




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