Benefits of implementing a custom CRM software in 2019 

Customers are one of the most important stakeholders for any business. Organisations across the world have started realising this, and many are now opting for CRM software. Equipped with a number of features, CRM solutions help businesses manage the relationship with customers throughout the different stages of the customer lifecycle. Ready-made solutions, however, are often overrated and overpriced. In their eagerness to get their house in order, many businesses opt for a system with features that their teams don’t need. To address this problem, look for a custom system that is designed to meet your specific business needs. To help you make up your mind, let’s take a look at some benefits of opting for a custom CRM solution. 

1. Improved integration with business operations 

A custom CRM software gives you the opportunity to integrate the system across different departments such as sales and customer service. You will be able to connect your system to your website or third-party service, which ensures a seamless flow of data. When your teams get access to actionable data on a real-time basis, the productivity is sure to increase. 

2. Easy to install and use  

Pre-built CRM solutions are mass produced. Many CRM systems that come packed with features are complex to install and use. Opting for these systems would mean spending invaluable man-hours on training your employees.  This can be avoided by opting for custom software that is specifically designed to meet your requirements. Custom software is designed specifically for your business model. 

 3. Better analytics  

When it comes to analysing data according to specific business needs, readymade systems may fall short of expectations. A custom CRM solution, on the other hand, is specially designed to help the business filter and sort data the way the top management visualises. Access to actionable data helps businesses make better decisions that focus on minimising business risks while cashing in on opportunities.  

4. Flexibility and scalability  

Custom solutions are more flexible than readymade software. Your teams can use the same database to create different apps on their own time tables. Furthermore, you can use the physical infrastructure maintained by your provider in the cloud to grow your CRM app ecosystem. Because you are in the driver’s seat, you do not have to depend on your provider to add features.

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