Customer Service Trends In 2020

The better customer experience you offer, the more business your company will do. After all, customer is king. To help you achieve a seamless customer experience process, here are the latest customer service trends to watch out for in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enrich customer experience

Companies will increasingly look to incorporate AI into their customer service processes. Chatbots and self-service IVRs will be all the rage. Incoming customer service calls will be better routed and distributed to all available agents, thus enriching customer experience and satisfaction. However, AI-driven customer experience will still remain a hybrid of both automated and human-enabled customer support in order to provide the best customer experience possible.

Customers will increasingly contact companies for support on social media

When customer’s grievances are effectively solved on social media, it not only enhances their customer experience but also works as an advertising opportunity to other readers. In 2020, consumers will increasingly contact companies for support on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, simply because it’s super convenient.

Smart integrations with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will be trending

Companies will increasingly integrate their customer service tools with CRMs, thereby making it easier to provide live chat and voice support to customers. Salesforce and Zendesk are the two most trending CRMs in business right now. Integrations with CRMs will help companies reduce an agent’s idle time, increase the number of customers they cater to every day, and boost their productivity.

Customer service will go mobile

The benefits of integrating with CRMs are manifold. One such benefit is the ability of the support agent to go mobile. A CRM does not require any hardware and can be accessed on one’s laptop (both web and desktop versions), tablet, and even mobile phone.

So agents are not stuck to their desk when providing customer support. Such cloud telephony helpdesks can take care of this anywhere and at any time; even from their homes. This also promotes remote work for agents, hence providing them with flexible work opportunities.

Hyper personalised customer service using big data analytics

Big data analytics, especially predictive speech analytics, will help companies identify opportunities and provide a seamless customer service experience. It will assist with better analyzing live audio streams, recorded voice files, social media engagements, emails, or chats.

This emerging field will also help companies prepare improved Buyer’s Persona profiles for their customers, thus being able to service them better. Tableau, Qlik, and Talend are the most trending business intelligence and analytics software in the market right now.

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