Customer Support 7th Heaven – How to Get There in 7 Easy Steps

Online Help Centres provide customers with a complete self-service support option. Customers can use it as a knowledge base, community and customer portal. But, what makes a good help centre? What are the components that are critical for customers’ satisfaction?

A well set-up help centre is able to provide customers with a number of benefits. We list the top ones below:

Central Knowledge Base

A well-designed knowledge base acts as the company’s official information centre. The content is contributed by the company’s own contributors, who are product experts. The customer is able to access troubleshooting information, how-to articles, user manuals and answers to FAQs.


This is the place where customers can contribute – either share ideas, ask questions or provide answers. Community content can be divided into topics that customers can find quite easily. A series of notifications can be configured to alert when somebody creates or updates a post.


A help-desk centre can be easily tailored to any company’s needs. The administrator can:
• Brand their help centre with their company’s logo, colours and fonts
• Choose their prefered themes (which are not just beautifully designed layouts) and
Integrate their favorite tools

Multi-lingual Content

The internet used to be dominated by English speaking users and sites, but not anymore. Massive revenues can be found easily by providing a multilingual knowledge base. Adding different languages to a website, makes customers feel more cared for and continues to build their trust towards the brand.

Web Integration

An online help-centre should be available for access on a number of platforms mainly on mobile (Android and iOS, as an App, website or standalone device). Businesses can also provide support to their customers by integrating the help centre with their company website, email, chat and social networks. The customer is thus provided with an uninterrupted and superior support experience.

24/7 service

Self-service capabilities enhance a company’s customer support by decreasing total waiting time to zero. There is no need to wait for an agent to reply to your email or to answer your call. All an end-user needs to do is log into the portal and can find a plethora of information – day and night.

Safety and Security

A help desk should be available anytime and anywhere but this could create security problems.

A help centre administrator can also set different password security levels where both agent and customer can have different security measures. Such measures include creating a new password every number of days or use 2-factor authentication (an expirable passcode) when signing in.


These are seven simple reasons why an online self-service help centre could be beneficial to your customers. All of which, can be customised for your own company’s needs. iMovo’s partner – Zendesk provides all of this in a beautifully designed platform which is very simple to use.

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