Digital Transformation Wrapped – the most visited articles in 2021

In our lives and businesses, the end of the year sign signifies as time to reflect, and see what has been done, how we performed and adjust what we need to for the new year. Digital transformation is no exception, our team of experts have been sharing with you several articles on our four main domains: CRM, CX, Data Science and RPA.  

Sharing this knowledge with you is part of our commitment to being a partner in your Digital Transformation journey. That journey starts even before people even realise the improvements they need to make in their businesses.  

In this article, we wrapped up the most visited articles in 2021, which cover the main pain points in every business and the necessary actions to take.  


Accelerating Business Transformation through RPA by Daphne Camilleri 

We’ve been hearing a lot about RPA in recent times. However, just like many buzzwords, we do not always know what it means or what it incorporates. 

Simply put, RPA or Robotic Process Automation is the use of a robot or machine to perform actions as humans would without human intervention. Once a robot is programmed to do a task, it can do it repetitively without stopping and without error. 

RPA is adaptable to organisational needs. RPA can be applied to simple and straightforward processes which take a few seconds to complete. It can also be applied to complex scenarios having multiple robots working together, each with their own processes to achieve complicated and detailed automation. Read here the full article. 


Impact of Technology on the Online Gambling Industry by Matheus Baeta 

The iGaming industry wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for technological advancements and innovations. It includes businesses that let their customers enter lotteries, play casino games, and bet on sports over the internet. For example, is an online platform that offers gaming services to its customers entirely online. 

Estimates will differ, but there are some predictions that the iGaming industry will grow more than twofold its current size, with the industry touching the $100 billion mark globally by 2025. 

Here are some of the technologies that have changed the course of the online gambling industry. Read here the full article. 


Five important CRM features that you can’t live without by Matthew Vella 

Are you starting a new company? Maybe you’re in the process of digital transformation. One technology your company absolutely cannot ignore when you’re upgrading your technological prowess is the CRM system. 

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System is a technology that supports and supercharges all company-customer interactions. The various features in the CRM system help improve communications and enable you to stay better connected with your prospects, enabling you to convert them into paying customers. Discover the five important CRM features here. 


Besides sharing with you our knowledge, we have been sharing our customer success stories, so you can see how we apply these technologies in the challenges that our clients face. Working side by side with several international companies has been very gratifying. See all our customer stories here. 


On behalf of all our team, we wish you the jolliest holidays! In 2022 we will still be here to be your partner in your digital transformation journey, reach out to us here. 

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