Four Zendesk Apps for all Four Seasons

Zendesk enables you to seamlessly integrate an unlimited number of applications which further extend its capabilities.  We have already highlighted five free apps in a recent article: “5 Free Zendesk Apps that will Make Your Life 10 times Easier”. We will continue where we left off and introduce you to another four Zendesk Apps which are very popular with our customers.

1. Repeat Macro Warning – An App To Warn You That A User Has Already Seen The Same Macro.

Let’s start off by defining what a Macro is. A Macro is a standard response generated for support requests. It helps agents save time and effort thus offering a quicker response to the user (the person asking for support).

The issue is this. The user might have received the same macro more than once. This could result in the user being unhappy with the service provided.

To solve this, Zendesk recently created a new app called “Repeat Macro Warnings” which as part of a process, is used to prevent users from getting the same macro in the same year. The first step involved would be to assign a unique tag to each macro.

Remember: They should all start with the same prefix. I recommend using “macro” as a prefix. So for example, all our macros apply tags such as “macro_refundpurchase”

This application will pop up an alert warning the agent that the Macro is a duplicate. The agent can thus either edit or delete the Macro. The agent can also send the same Macro again – but this time, a custom field is checked noting that this is a repeat Macro.

Learn more about Repear Macro Warnings

round robin
2. Round Robin – Improve Productivity And Customer Satisfaction Rate By Right Ticket Assignment.

This app automatically assigns tickets to support agents in a Round Robin manner. This means that the app assigns tickets in a circular order – distributing the ticket load between the agents.

A particular ticket is assigned to the most competent, available agent thus assuring that users will get the best support possible. There is also the possibility to setting priorities so certain tickets would skip the queue and be automatically assigned to the next available agent.

Learn more about Round Robin

3. Attachment Restrictions – Warn Agents About Potentially Unsafe Attachments In A Ticket

This app helps warn agents if an attachment is not allowed. The first thing to do would be to set a list of file extensions that are allowed to be downloaded.

When an agent opens a ticket, the app will display the status of the file type based on whitelists and blacklists set by the administrator. If not allowed, the agent will be warned and given a list of file types which would be allowed.

Learn more about Attachment Restrictions

4. Ticket Analytics – Quick and Easy Analytics on the ticket for all Agents

As its name suggests, this application shows ticket analytics. It simply shows the date when a ticket was created, the date when a ticket was last updated and how many comments a ticket has. These are all shown in the side bar – clearly visible while communicating with a user.

Learn more about Ticket Analytics


1) Sign in to your Zendesk, then click the Admin icon in the sidebar.

2) Select Apps > Marketplace, then find the app and click the tile.

3) On the app page, click Install app in the upper-right corner.

4) Select the configurations you want, then click Install.

5) Refresh your browser

These were four applications that can be seemlessly integrated with Zendesk web-based help desk software. Are there any Zendesk apps which you have found useful?

Let us know in the comments below or contact Christa, our Zendesk Specialist on


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