iMovo Limited welcomes GO Plc CEO, Mr Nikhil Patil

iMovo Limited, the market leader in Customer Experience Management, recently welcomed Mr Nikhil Patil, the CEO of GO Plc to its offices during a courtesy visit.

During the visit, Mr Patil met with key executives as well as the Chairman of iMovo, Ing Philip Micallef. Mr Patil was given a briefing of iMovo’s current local and foreign operations, as well as an in-depth brief as to the nature of the services of the company and its key goals for the future. Some discussion about current and future collaboration between the two companies was also on the agenda.

Our business is all about relationships, whether it’s with customers or collaborators, such as iMovo. So any opportunity to strengthen this is always welcomed by GO. We certainly look forward to taking this collaboration forward’, said Nikhil Patil. Speaking on behalf of iMovo, Head of Business Development at iMovo, Joseph Casha said: “It was a pleasure to share the iMovo vision in the areas of Sales, Service and Customer Experience and identify areas where we can collaborate with GO on its Customer Experience re-boot journey.

iMovo’s Managing Director, Pierre Mallia with
Mr Nikhil Patil, CEO at GO Plc.

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