Giving Your Online Reputation a Boost by Managing Social Media More Efficiently

Social media is not only a great marketing channel, but it has also become a popular platform for customers to publicly share their comments, questions and experiences. Due to the rapid growth of social media, customer comments have a very powerful effect on potential customers, and can be very harmful to a company’s reputation. Organisations who give their customers the opportunity to share their comments publicly, need to regularly monitor their social media profiles as response time is critical.

An organisation’s quality of service on social media is being judged by anyone who comes across it, and can have a significant impact on sales. Customers are more likely to share bad experiences rather than good ones, and knowledge of poor customer service can lead to avoidance of that particular company in the future.

Employees using Zendesk can manage customer comments and requests from one location, without having to keep multiple accounts open and constantly switching between them.

The Facebook channel for Zendesk is extremely easy to manage and set up, and automates the process of converting wall post conversations and private messages into tickets. This makes it easy to capture and track all communication made with customers – and also provides the ability to reply to customer messages or posts directly from email, rather than having to log-in to Facebook or Twitter every time.

Once a Facebook user submits a ticket, a user profile is automatically created for them in Zendesk, making it easier to view past interactions. The integration also gives the opportunity to gather feedback from customers by storing all customer comments on a status in one ticket.


Likewise, the Twitter integration with Zendesk gives users the option to capture public mentions and being notified about them instantly. Furthermore, the Saved Searches feature gives users the option to store frequent Twitter searches in Zendesk and view them in real-time, also giving them the option of starting a Twitter conversation directly from Zendesk.

Using such a tool, the effectiveness of social media is increased and its management is improved. It also helps to ensure that no customer comments are missed, issues are dealt with before becoming serious, and current and prospective customers are impressed with your fast and efficient customer service.

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