iMovo Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

iMovo, a leader in the fields of Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Business Intelligence (BI), recently celebrated its fifth year anniversary.

A reception was held at the Notre Dame Gate, an architectural gem in Cottonera, Malta. Amongst the guests were a number of key customers, business partners and employees.

Addressing the guests on behalf of the board of directors, Pierre Mallia, the Managing Director, spoke about the journey of turning a startup into a fully-fledged organisation which services blue chip countries in Malta and abroad.

Figure 1. The team at iMovo Ltd.

Talking about the company’s strategy, Mr. Mallia described the company’s rapid growth and its continued focused on customer experience management solutions covering relationship management, multi-channel customer service and business analytics in areas as diverse as sales, marketing and financial management. From three people working in a small office, iMovo’s team has grown significantly year after year to cover areas such as professional services, project management, support as well as a dedicated sales and marketing team.

He described the success of iMovo as directly attributable to the opportunity it has had to work with industry leaders and partners such as Microsoft, Tableau, Qlik and Zendesk.

He gave direct thanks to the trust and patience of the company’s customers whose unfailing support the company could not have grown without. He also expressed his satisfaction that iMovo had become synonymous with the success of some of its customers who it helped in the last five years.

Mr. Mallia outlined the company’s commitment to drive the use of data to make a better living environment for all, by potentially helping economic and government operators make informed decisions through better business insights through iMovo’s solutions.

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