iMovo partners up with DigitalGenius – The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform for Customer Service

San Gwann, Malta, December 2018iMovo, a leader in Customer Experience Management (CEM), Big Data Analytics, Workforce Management and DigitalGenius, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for customer service, today announced a new partnership that will allow them to help organisations improve their customer service operations, create new efficiencies  and generate value and cost savings through the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Customer service management has been a main focus for iMovo, since the inception of the company in 2010. As the complexity of managing customers’ interactions and expectations with a business, is continually increasing, it became increasingly clear to iMovo that its own customers needed technology that would radically enhance productivity without impacting the bottom line of the company in an exponential way. The advent of AI in customer service brings with it a lot of opportunities, more so as it builds on existing investments organisations have made in customer service.

The partnership between DigitalGenius and iMovo has a broad scope and will see the two companies co-operating to work with customers across several industries and markets, including iGaming, retail, utilities, financial services and the travel industry. By combining iMovo’s deep expertise in CRM especially with platforms such as Salesforce, Zendesk and Dynamics CRM with the powerful DigitalGenius AI platform, customers will be able to benefit from introducing AI to rapidly reduce costs and enhance the working lives of their customer service personnel.

DigitalGenius is an AI platform that helps put your customer service on autopilot by understanding conversations and automating repetitive processes. The company was founded in 2013 and has been seed funded by leading venture capital funds including Salesforce Ventures.

Commenting on this new partnership, Pierre Mallia, Managing Director at iMovo said “Our partnership with DigitalGenius propels us into an exciting new area of technology and business. It brings to bear the strategy we laid out 3 years ago when we set AI as a business goal to provide a unique offering to our customers. We have a lot of experience working with organisations across several countries and we see a lot of scope in helping these organisations to innovate and move their customer service departments into the sphere of AI.

With nearly a decade of working in the field of customer service automation behind us, organisations are increasingly seeking us out to advise them as to how to approach automation and customer service team enablement. With DigitalGenius we are now able to offer expert and practical experience in seeing how AI can help their organisation. We believe that this allows us to give our customers more transformative advice and expertise with the unique blend we bring to the market.

Dmitry Aksenov, CEO and Founder at DigitalGenius, added “We’re delighted to partner with iMovo to extend our leadership in AI-powered customer service automation to new customers and markets. Their platform and market expertise is a strong and exciting complement to the solutions we’ve built for our customers, and we look forward to a deep and fruitful partnership with iMovo.

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About iMovo

iMovo specialises in Customer Experience Management (CEM), Business Intelligence (BI) Big Data Analytics, Workforce Management (WFM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Blending some of the most innovative technology solutions in the market with a formal advisory approach, iMovo enables organisations to build long-term value relationships with their customers resulting in consistent & profitable growth.

iMovo is a Premier Solution Provider for Planday, Qlik, Salesforce, Tableau, Talend and Zendesk.

About DigitalGenius

DigitalGenius is the AI platform that puts your customer support on autopilot by understanding conversations, automating repetitive processes and delighting your customers. The platform is powered by deep learning that understands your customers’ objectives, then drives automated resolutions through APIs that connect seamlessly to your own backend systems. This is the practical application of AI that delivers the concrete ROI you’ve been waiting for.

The DigitalGenius AI platform is used by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, The Perfume Shop, Air France and other forward-looking businesses to improve their operations through the use of practical, AI-powered customer service automation. Learn more about how it works here.

iMovo’s Managing Director, Pierre Mallia with Dmitry Aksenov,
CEO & Founder of DigitalGenius, and Chris Kellner,
Head of Sales & Strategic Partnerships, DigitalGenius

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