Implementing CRM Successfully: Things to Consider

Implementing a CRM system into your business infrastructure can be quite the task. Plus, the statistics tell us that the failure rate is quite high, which isn’t exactly encouraging. However, there’s no need to give up hope. Plenty of businesses have managed to get CRM implementation right and you can too. The trick is to make the right considerations.

Calculate the benefits

When it comes to the benefits of CRM implementation, there are generally two kinds – tangible and intangible. The intangible benefits are quite easy to determine. For instance, improved customer engagement and increased productivity are intangible benefits.

However, you also need to focus on the more tangible benefits such as the increase in your revenue or customer retention percentage. Having a system to calculate these benefits shows whether your customer strategy is effective or not.

More importantly, it justifies the implementation of a CRM system and also, highlights its significance.

Allocate a CRM ambassador

A CRM ambassador is the one who’s going to advocate for the implementation of the CRM system. This person will also be the one who uses the new system the most, which is why they are poised to be the ideal CRM ambassador.

So, you need to find someone who is eager to undergo a form of training in advance to become an expert or, you need to hire someone who’s already got the experience. CRM ambassadors are necessary for a successful CRM implementation project because they are the go-to people for all CRM related queries and they are also the contact point for your CRM vendor.

Successful adoption

There must be a system in place to manage employees who don’t adopt the system. But, don’t just stop there. You also need to consider that some might be completely averse to the change and try to disrupt it. Therefore, we suggest you adopt a policy to enforce compliance, whilst highlighting the pitfalls of non-compliance.

Remember that such a  policy needs to be applicable to your senior leaders as well. After all, the implementation rests on their behaviour. If they fail to follow the rules, don’t expect everybody else down the hierarchy to follow the rules.

Improve your processes

Finally, improve your existing processes and practices. There is no point implementing a CRM system if the existing processes are going to interfere anyway.


A CRM solution such a Salesforce will help you understand your customers better through their personal preferences, solve any problem faster with access to past customer interactions, and even identify new sales opportunities by analyzing your best customers’ purchase histories. If you are looking to implement or even upgrade your CRM solution,  contact us today. With iMovo’s technical expertise, implementation will be smooth and seamless. We provide ongoing consultancy and training, tailored to your company’s needs. Thus, ensuring that you are using Salesforce to the utmost of its capabilities.

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