Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 New Release

October 31st saw the release of the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. This new version introduces an entirely new look, several new features, and focuses on enhancing the social capabilities of the product while bringing together several different Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 aims to be more customer-centric. This characteristic is enhanced with a new clean and consistent layout which includes:

  •  The elimination of pop-ups
  •  A streamlined navigation that drops down from the top of the screen
  •  A Quick Create form which captures only the most relevant data for a new record
  •  A Quick View section that displays key customer information on related forms
  •  An Image attribute which gives Contact records a more personal feel
  •  A section which displays an address location using Microsoft Bing Maps


Dynamics CRM 2013 also aims to be more process-centric, with the introduction of new guided processes which:

  • Allow the user to follow pre-defined processes leading towards a defined outcome
  • Can enforce certain steps, preventing users from continuing onto the next stage in a process before completing preceding stages

A library of business processes can be downloaded from the Dynamics Marketplace.


The new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM focuses heavily on making the CRM solution more portable and social in context.

Users can now access their CRM solution and work across various types of devices including:

  •  Windows 8 tablets and iPads
  •  Windows phones, Android phones and iPhones

Data on these devices is cached so an offline version is still available if no internet connection is available.
Additionally, users can now integrate seamlessly with a number of social media platforms, including:

  • Skype and Lync: Users can make outbound calls directly from CRM by simply clicking the phone number in a record. When a call is initiated, a Phone Call activity is automatically created.
  • Yammer: Communication with the user’s entire organisation can take place, even with non-licensed CRM users.

Other new features which allow user solutions to be more practical and tailored to an organisation’s needs include:

  •  Scheduled updates
  •  An auto-save feature
  •  Real-time workflows
  •  Interactive charts
  •  Access teams
  •  Simpler form customisation

To sum up, the new features available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 allow users to work more efficiently and from any location using a number of devices, while also improving communication across organizations.

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