The Key to an Efficient Customer Support Team in the iGaming industry

Being a customer support agent in the iGaming industry is not an easy job. Not only are agents the first line of contact for online players, but they also have to deal with all general queries, technical problems, payment and registration issues and more while trying their best to reach SLA targets.

Players send in support requests through a growing number of channels including phone, email, online chat and even social media. As a result, it is essential to have a seamless and consistent support approach across all these channels.

The productivity of a support team is highly dependent on the system they are working with. Therefore without the right tools, a support agent providing multichannel support can easily become inefficient. Having to navigate between an email client, online chat system and social media platforms while answering phone calls can be quite time consuming and can easily result in forgotten requests and angry players.

Zendesk offers a multichannel customer service platform which will improve efficiency by grouping all support requests in one location, thus eliminating the need of having to switch between multiple channels.

zendesk logo

Zendesk also makes it possible to automate workflows. Tickets can be automatically routed to a suitable group of agents based on a number of factors including but not limited to ticket language, key words, channel and player rank.

Reporting tools to simplify things for management are also available. It is incredibly easy to assess support team performance by looking at Customer Satisfaction and NPS scores per agent or team, ticket backlog and first contact resolution rates. One can also create custom reports and have them automatically emailed to themselves or upper management as often as they like.

Here at iMovo, we specialise in all things Zendesk including implementation, customisation, training and consultancy. If you feel like your customer support team could benefit from such a tool, feel free to contact us for more information or to set up a demo.

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