Miriana’s volunteering experience in India

We’d like you to meet Miriana. She has been working with iMovo for almost 2 years and loves Italian food, reading and, above all, making new experiences.

Her next adventure will be in Bodhgaya, India, where she will be volunteering with Right 2 Smile (R2S), a Maltese NGO which focuses on providing education, medical outreach and community development in Kenya, Cambodia, India and Malta.

Miriana and her team will be working as part of an educational project with a local school in Bodhgaya, India. They will be helping to organise fun and educational activities for children of different ages, all of whom are between the ages of 3 and 15. Moreover, Miriana and her team will be participating in discussions and other activities which will expose them to the local culture.

“After a number of informative sessions hosted by R2S, you begin to realise that 3 weeks of volunteering is not nearly enough to make a real difference, but you must keep in mind that you are part of a bigger picture. You are there to offer support to the school and its pupils, thus working to achieve R2S’s long-term goal of education. I chose Right 2 Smile as I believe in their values. Year after year, they work to empower the local communities – not only by providing money or volunteers but also by learning about the community’s needs and helping them minimise the struggle as much as possible. Right 2 Smile believe in sustainability and, ultimately, the project is run by the locals and there is no dependency on NGOs.”

“I am looking forward to living closely to the local life and experiencing a different lifestyle. Some say that this experience changed them, and so I’m excited to see if it will do the same to me.”

Pierre Mallia on behalf of iMovo Ltd., supported Miriana and R2S by donating the generous sum of 400 Euros to this project in India.

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