Welcome Aboard!

We are excited to introduce you to our newest additions to the iMovo family; Roshan, Stefanos and James!

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Roshan Mohnani

Roshan Mohnani comes from a background of IT Training having taught programming principles in her hometown in India. She has since moved on to Sales and Business Development and has recently joined iMovo as a Sales Executive for our Data Discovery and Analytics tools Tableau, QlikView, QlikSense and Socionomix.

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Stefanos Kiourkoulis

Stefanos is a BSc (Hons.) Information Technology Engineer. Before joining the team, he worked on 3D game development for iOS / Android platforms. Outside the office, Stefanos enjoys thinking about thinking, science and games.

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James Bonello

James is a recent graduate in BSc (Hons.) Mathematics and Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence. Now seeking to fully delve into the professional IT industry, James is the latest newcomer to the iMovo team. James’ hobbies include music, travelling and science fiction.

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