Zendesk Talk update: New Call Monitoring feature available

zendesk talk

Zendesk has recently announced the launch of Call Monitoring, a new feature which will be available exclusively to customers on the Talk Advanced plan. With the new Live Calls dashboard, Zendesk admins will now be able to see at-a-glance all ongoing calls, listen in on agent conversations and barge in on calls when agents need support or escalation.

Thanks to Call Monitoring, team managers can:

  • Onboard agents faster – coach and train new hires with in-the-moment feedback
  • Improve first call resolution – join agents on difficult calls to support and help resolve
  • Ensure compliance and quality assurance – check that agents adhere to policies and requirements
  • Gain insight into customer pain points – identify opportunities for training & process improvements
  • Boost CSAT – help agents deliver consistent, high-quality support

Zendesk admins with manage channels and extensions permissions may access the Live Call Dashboards and Monitor (Listen and Barge) calls. All roles will need to have a Talk seat enabled.


From the Dashboard, you may listen in on a call without alerting the agent or customer — a great way to monitor new agents and stay in-the-know regarding your customers’ experiences.


If you identify a call that requires escalation or an agent requests extra help, you may “barge” into an ongoing call. A “beep” will indicate to the agent and caller that you have joined the call.


While Listening or Barging, you may leave & return without any call disturbance.


This feature is available to Talk Advanced customers. If you would like to start a FREE trial of Zendesk, click here.

If you are currently a Zendesk Talk customer on Basic or Lite plans, you may request a FREE “boost” to the Advanced plan to try Call Monitoring. Contact us for more information.

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