Automating Your Accounts Payable Invoice Processing

As the uncertain economic climate continues and businesses seek to optimise efficiency, they are beginning to understand the importance of accounts payable and the cost of this important but mundane process to the business. With this in mind, finance directors have been looking for ways to streamline the time-consuming manual processes that have crippled AP […]

iMovo Ltd launches Process Automation Solution – BizBox

An innovative solution that helps companies rapidly take advantage of their existing technology investment to automate existing manual processes, reduce cost and avoid high employment costs and recruitment. [Paola] – iMovo, a leading digitalisation and advisory company, today announced the launch of BizBox. Under the BizBox brand the company plans to release a number of […]

Implementing a successful Digital Transformation Strategy Playbook

With technology disruptions becoming more rampant than ever, digital transformation is changing the way companies operate. Whether it is better data collection or improved customer experience, businesses have realised the importance and benefits of digital transformation. Growth opportunities and competitive pressure are some crucial drivers of digital transformation. Data breach scandals making the headlines regularly and new regulations such as the GDPR are also providing the necessary impetus for businesses to digitally transform. 

2022 and Looking Ahead

I must start with a heartfelt thank you to our brilliant customers for their support in this most unprecedented of years in the lifespan of our company. A special thanks to our long standing (dare I say long suffering!) customers with whom we have jointly effected so much positive change in our collective corner of the world.

Digital Transformation wrapped: The most popular articles of 2022

Throughout the year, we have shared our knowledge and experience in digital transformation. We firmly believe that tackling this topic will boost your confidence as you face a new year and new challenges, turning adversity into opportunity. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of our most popular articles of 2022, covering important topics, and giving you guidance for your plans in 2023.

Pillars for effectively managing your remote team

The spread of the Covid 19 virus in Malta in early 2020 took most local companies off guard and forced with immediacy a new mindset where remote working is concerned because this option, for the most part, was not a concept employers embraced in pre-pandemic Malta. We at iMovo realised quickly that managing remote teams […]

Grow your business green & digital

iMovo and EMCS Ltd have once again teamed up to help you gain access to funds which could make a real difference to the future of your business, through The Smart and Sustainable Investment Grants scheme.

iMovo Limited appoints Solution Sales Consultant for its CRM business based in Portugal

iMovo Limited – Paola, Malta – October, 2021:  Digitalisation Advisory firm, iMovo Limited announced today, that it has appointed Mr. Bashara Hinnawi as its new business development lead for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services. Bashara will be supporting and growing the current iMovo CRM practice in Portugal and Malta. In this role he will have a […]

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