The Co-worker of Tomorrow – Why Customer Service Agents need AI and why it needs them

The classic case against automation is that it will replace our jobs, and this worry is no stranger to the realm of customer support. In a world where consumer expectation (especially amongst millennials) for quality customer service is rising at an exponential rate – businesses are striving to augment their customer experience through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Hybrid App Development: Taking web dev to the mobile

I’d always felt that mobile app development was a challenging field to delve into and that it would require a lot of patience and experience before being able to roll out a decent, usable application. Well, I’m sure all good apps need such a mindset, however, as technology continuously morphs with new ideas, we’ve been gifted with alternative solutions that stray from the native path..

JIRA: The Project Leader’s Best Friend

If you currently face project management issues, I highly recommend considering JIRA. Without it I know I’d feel the dread: three weeks in, we would be swirling in a cauldron of unfinished tasks from one sprint and a fresh batch of new tasks to be added to another.

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