Implementing a successful Digital Transformation Strategy Playbook

Implementing a successful Digital Transformation Strategy Playbook

With technology disruptions becoming more rampant than ever, digital transformation is changing the way companies operate. Whether it is better data collection or improved customer experience, businesses have realised the importance and benefits of digital transformation. Growth opportunities and competitive pressure are some crucial drivers of digital transformation. Data breach scandals making the headlines regularly and new regulations such as the GDPR are also providing the necessary impetus for businesses to digitally transform. 

Digital Transformation wrapped: The most popular articles of 2022

Throughout the year, we have shared our knowledge and experience in digital transformation. We firmly believe that tackling this topic will boost your confidence as you face a new year and new challenges, turning adversity into opportunity. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of our most popular articles of 2022, covering important topics, and giving you guidance for your plans in 2023.

Grow your business green & digital

iMovo and EMCS Ltd have once again teamed up to help you gain access to funds which could make a real difference to the future of your business, through The Smart and Sustainable Investment Grants scheme.

International Women’s Day – Women in Tech at iMovo

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world. Here at iMovo, I am part of the tech team where I have been for almost two years. I have only been in the tech industry for a short time. I graduated a few years […]

The best practices for an effective Customer Experience in 2022

Organizations are forced to adjust their business strategies and adapt to the changing market realities, the outcome of the digital revolution. This transformation is being triggered by the customers, not driven by corporations.  Modern consumers’ demand includes having material related to what they engage in, available on platforms they use, in a style they can relate to and when […]

Digital Transformation Wrapped – the most visited articles in 2021

In our lives and businesses, the end of the year sign signifies as time to reflect, and see what has been done, how we performed and adjust what we need to for the new year. Digital transformation is no exception, our team of experts have been sharing with you several articles on our four main domains: CRM, CX, Data Science […]

RPA at work – the revolution for business processes

Robotic process automation has been revolutionizing the organizational space for the past year or two. Forecasts predict that the RPA market will grow to $12 billion by 2023. According to Deloitte’s third annual RPA survey, 53% of respondents have been using robots for process automation in the past year. A survey by Gartner says that 72% […]

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